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Light wood + Clean metal AK-47

Light wood + Clean metal AK-47, AK-47 для CS:GO, Модели Оружия для CS:GO, Light wood + Clean metal AK-47, AK-47 cs:go,, модели для cs:go, скины cs:go

What is up guys biggrin

Now when i finally got GO i had to make a skin ofc. wink
So i decided to make a reskin / texture to the AK.
Now it got:

  • New wood texture.
  • Wood is now light.
  • New metal texture.
  • Metal is now light and clean.

    More information can be found in my license, such as my steam page.
    Hope you guys will like, so leave a comment of your thoughts and if you got an idea of some improvements and such like that.
    And sorry about the ingame pictures, i haven't found out how to disable the HUD yet
    so please leave a comment if you know how.

    Note: w_model will be included soon.
    Категория: AK-47 для CS:GO
    Дата: 24.03.2017
    Добавил: Venus_7

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