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SCAR-Luna, AUG для CS:GO, Модели Оружия для CS:GO, SCAR-Luna, AUG cs go,, модели для cs:go, скины cs go

The Sparkling Cupcakes Assault Rifle, Luna variation, is a modern, modular assault rifle designed by A. Bloom at FD-E at the request of Princess-President Luna. This lighter variant is derived from the heavier SCAR-C, an earlier model developed for Celestia. The L variant is smaller, firing the lighter 5.56DF round, while this does reduce stopping power and range, it gives it greater modularity and reduced recoil. While currently not as widely produced as its older sister, the SCAR-L has seen some success as the standard service rifle for the NLR's Army Of the Night, and served as the base for the SCAR-PDW bodyguard weapon and the NITMAR machine gun.

Been working on this for a long time, finally got it ready to release only to find Haus already upstaged me, but Inter told me to release it anyway so here it is.
List of attachment options:
1. Iron sights
2. EOTech holographic sight
3. EOTech holographic sight with magnifier
4. Aimpoint sight
5. Kobra sight

Категория: AUG для CS:GO
Дата: 29.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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