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MrLoneWolf's CoD Deagle Anims

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So here it is guys, MrLoneWolf's Deagle (cod imitation), many people might not know him, but he's a special person around here (not on gb tho, youtube) who uses Maya to animate for source!

So, anyways, there is a small issue (not related to the release tho), the screenshots are not showing the mag/slide release, but i've packed the fixed version! So it's all good!


1st- In order to install you must open the **pak01_dir.vpk** with any hex editor (notepad++ or hex editor neo, hxd is also good and free) and replace all the instances of **v**_pist_**deagle** with **v**_pist_**deagla**.

2nd- Extract the content to your Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder and you should be good to go!
Категория: Desert Eagle для CS:GO
Дата: 26.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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