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Default CT glove retexture

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Default CT gloves retexture
Model, UV, Sleeve texture, Sleeve Normals - defaults (Valve/Hidden Path Entertainment)
All CT Glove Textures, Normals - Thanez
Animations - defaults (Valve/Hidden Path Entertainment)
How to install:
At the moment of release the beta doesn't support modding directly,
so installation can be a bit tricky and you'll need to edit
pak01_dir.vpk every time Valve/HPE releases a patch that updates that file.
This'll probably change at launch/sometime after launch.
1) Unpack this archive into steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/. Overwrite exiting files if there are conflicts.
2) BACK UP pak01_dir.vpk IN CASE YOU SCREW SOMETHING UP! This is very important!
3) Open up pak01_dir.vpk in Notepad++. Regular notepad will probably break your pak01_dir.vpk, so don't use that.
4) Use find & replace to find all instances of "models/weapons/v_models/arms/ct_arms" and replace those with "models/weapons/v_models/thnz/ct_arms".
What this does is it points the VPK to a file that doesn't exist, so it forces the game to load loose files - ie. new models/textures.
If you screw up on step 4 so you get an error message when trying to launch the game, restore your backed-up pak01_dir.vpk and try step 4 again.
5) Go in game and enjoy!
How to uninstall:
Restore backed-up pak01_dir.vpk.
You can delete materials/models/weapons/v_models/thnz if you so wish. Not necessary, tho.
Дата: 28.02.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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