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Terrorist office arms HQ re-texture

Terrorist office arms HQ re-texture, Перчатки/Руки для CS:GO, Скины для CS:GO, Terrorist office arms HQ re-texture, перчатки cs go,, модели для cs:go, скины cs go

-HQ 4096*4096 texture.
-Gives that cloth feeling.
-Yellow lines are now red.
-More detailed normal map (edited not a new one)
-Minor details (hard to notice) on hands like: fingerprints, human pores, human flesh and other
-Amazing detail on max out settings (sorry shitty PC to show that settings)

-September 19 2012: Fixed nail textures by making them brighter to fit the skin color.
Tutorial on how to install here
You basically just replace these lines:
$baseTexture "models/weapons/v_models/arms/t_arms_anarchist" $bumpMap "models/weapons/v_models/arms/t_arms_anarchist_normal"
With these:
$baseTexture "models/weapons/v_models/arms/t_arms_anarchisz" $bumpMap "models/weapons/v_models/arms/t_arms_anarchist_normaz"
Also included a pak01_dir.vpk file for easy installation.
Have fun!!!
Дата: 30.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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