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Garmin Foretex 301

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Garmin Foretex 301 for Terrorist, Leet and Phoenix

First skin of 3 planned releases at the 31.12.2012. The next one will be released in a few hours, so stay tuned!

This mod adds a wrist GPS for 2 (actually 3) Terrorist arms. The model and textures are 100% new stuff. Since the arms are "dynamic" in CS:GO, the GPS is shown, even if you use custom models, model hacks or retextures. You can see the GPS on all maps that use the modded arms like Dust, Dust2 and Aztec.

How can terrorists have expensive tools like this? The Garmin Foretex 301 costs only 150$, which makes it obtainable even for terrorists so shut up. And why Phoenix, Leet and Terrorist? Those 3 were the only ones without any cloth around the arms smile I actually wanted to add glass on top of the display, but two shadow-projecting meshes this close together create ugly striped shadows.

A big thank you to Tigg, who made a damn good texture! In case you have questions how to compile/make stuff for the arms in CS:GO, pm me. In the worst case I can make a tutorial.



Syncing - model, bake, compiling
Tigg - texture
Crash - vmt
Unkn0wn - compiling help


It's highly recommended to back up the original pak01_dir.vpk file so you can "uninstall" the skins in case you don't want them anymore or if you want to play competitive!

Copy the csgo-folder of this release into the Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo folder, overwriting all other files. The pak01_dir.vpk in the folder "Pak-File" is a pre-edited .vpk-file, which enables the skin for CS:GO. Copy it into your csgo-folder too. Don't forget to back up your original vpk-file! Nothing has been changed other than the values for those arms, so you are save to use this .vpk-file with Unkn0wns tool. In case you already have a edited .vpk-file and used Unkn0wns Installation Tool, you can simply back up the configuration and apply it on the file delievered with this skin. It's really recommended using the file that comes with this skin, because editing the .vpk-files for getting the arms to work is very annoying. In case too many people don't want to use the .vpk-file I will write a short tutorial how to change it manually.


You can get the model from here. Feel free to use it, but think about giving credits to the respective authors.
Дата: 25.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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