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Armed Citizen USP

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Скин USP.

Kimber Pack v1.1 (WiP)
Tossed together by ReverendTed
Replaces all pistols and the knife with Kimber

Note on textures:
-Every gun has its own rtkimber.vmt, so each one can have a different skin if you wish. Simply edit the respective rtkimber.vmt to point to your Kimber/CQB skin of choice.
-Currently, all vmts point to revkimber_ref.vtf and revkimber.vtf in
You can replace these two vtfs with your Kimber\CQB skin of choice to see it immediately on all of the Kimbers.
-The P228 is an exception. It uses its own vtfs for texture stretching reasons.

The w_models are distinct for each Kimber for easy identification:
Deagle -:- No attachments
USP -:- Silencer
Five-Seven -:- Taclight
Elites -:- Doubled
Glock -:- Extended mag
P228 -:- Compact

Note on what's been done:
-Lots of stuff. The animations have been hacked all to heck. I'm very picky.
-All of the models have been recompiled with Monkeh's tweaked Deagle as a base, so the hammer's
cocked and the guide rod is properly-sized on all the Kimbers

Note on what's still busted:
-w_models have lighting issues (also, mirrored incorrectly)
-The Elites and Five-Seven have an annoying angle on their slide releases. Still haven't decided
if I want to bother fixing them or just tack them to the frame like the others.
-Kimber knife is hopefully a temporary stopgap release in lieu of Dr. midnight's definitive Klub
-If you don't like spindraws then you're going to put on your grumpy pants for this

Original Model Credits
(See original Readmes in Archive)

Elite Kimbers:
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn, SureShot
Compile: SureShot
Animations: Jennifer!!
Sounds: Vunsunta / RE4 (Duds)

USP Kimber:
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn
Silencer model: Ankalar
Silencer skin: Wannabe
Animations: StrykerWolf
Compile: Bullet_Head
Sounds: Vunsunta
LAM Skin: -X-
LAM Hack: !NC!Furious
Re-compile: !NC!Furious

Glock Kimber:
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn
Animations: Havoc
Compile: !NC!Furious, SureShot
Sounds: Vunsunta
P228 Kimber:
Model: BUllet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn
Animations: Jennifer!! (Ported to CSS by Soul Slayer)
Sounds: SniperWolf (Jenn's Reload)
Compile(s): SureShot, ReverendTed

Five-Seven Kimber:
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn
Animations: Jennifer!!
Compile: Bullet_Head
Sounds: Vunsunta
LAM Hack: !NC!Furious
Re-compile: !NC!Furious
compile to Fiveseven: T-R-O-N

Knife Kimber:
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn
Animations: Valve, edits by ReverendTed
Compile: Dr. Midnight, ReverendTed
Sounds: Valve, Vunsunta
Minor skin modifications by ReverendTed

Deagle Kimber:
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: Darkstorn
Animations: Jennifer!!
Compile: Bullet_Head
Sounds: Vunsunta
Minor skin modifications by ReverendTed
Minor animation modifications by Monkeh

Installation: Extract contents to /cstrike/ folder using archive folder names.
Terms and Conditions apply to these files and their usage/redistribution. For full details see
This model and skin are NOT to be converted to The Specialists mod.
If this model is converted to The Specialists mod the person hosting
it must remove it IMMIDIATELY.
This package and it's contents are NOT to be distributed on HL2World, in their original form or modified in any way.
Категория: USP для CSS
Дата: 29.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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