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MW2-themed FN Scar animations

MW2-themed FN Scar animations, AUG для CSS, Модели Оружия для CSS, MW2-themed FN Scar animations, aug для css,, модели оружия для css, скины css

:: Main ::

First off, if you're the kind of person who doesn't like Tactical styled guns, then this skin is not for you. I didn't put those attachments there so you could remove them. Sorry.

This has got to be my longest project yet. I made two sets for this, i'm compiling the MW2 set for the AUG since it has 130+ frames. I'm gonna make the other one for the Sig552. Then, i'm gonna use both the sets + new silencer animations for the M4A1 slot. All of these will have compiles on the MW2 Scar. Anyone has any ideas (other than removing some attachments) please tell me.

I only did this because my first animations were for this Scar model, and they really sucked. Now that i'm not a noob at this anymore (i hope :p) i decided to do another Scar since I disgraced this model before.

I actually got the inspiration to do this from Mr. Brightside's M4A1 Masterkey. It's an awesome skin, i've been using it since it was released last year.

:: Credits ::

Models -
End of Days - FN Scar
Lucky Shot - Masterkey
Bobster - Masterkey mount
B0T - Pmag model
TheLama - Eotech

Textures -
Racer445 - FN Scar
el maestro de grafitti - Masterkey/Mount, Pmag
Flamshmizer - Eotech
Mr. Brightside - TAN Edits

Sounds -
Infinity Ward

Animations -

Phong -

Категория: AUG для CSS
Дата: 23.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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