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Elions m4a1 skin

Elions m4a1 skin, M4A1 для CSS, Модели Оружия для CSS, Elions m4a1 skin, M4A1 для css,, модели оружия для css, скины css

Credits without the original work from this people, the skin couldn't have been made, so check out their work too if you liked the skin biggrin

SKIN: the scope was taken from the work of: Fivenine Syco* SuP3r DeM^

The silver m4 skin was taken from the work of: IcePick CarpeDiem

Model: the scoped m4 original model was taken from the work of: Syco

The scope was taken from the work of: Valve

SoundS: Sounds used in this release were taking from the work of: CC5 there are other authors involved in the sounds, but the credits on the releases aren't specified, if anyone recognises them, please pm me about it to add their names to the release

I remind you, i only compiled this, also the credits in some of the releases weren't specific on some points, if you see someone's work in this skin that is not included in the credits, do PM me so i can change it A.S.A.P that's about it people, now go in CS:S and start fraggin' biggrin

Screenshots: ManTuna (thanks man, i owe you one xD)
Категория: M4A1 для CSS
Дата: 28.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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