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Hybrid M4A1

Hybrid M4A1, Sig 550 для CSS, Модели Оружия для CSS, Hybrid M4A1, sig 550 для css,, модели оружия для css, скины css

Hello everyone! After a long break, I returned to the world of game modding. This time, I am submiting my first official model hacked skin. All the authors are in the credits.
This is my first skin, so it's not very good I know already. Hope you can enjoy it.

Posted by xplor3r
Oh and yeah, since the textures were very ....... well that's just how it is, u can also try and reduce the values iniside the "Body.vmt" for the v model, just paste these below and replace the initial codes and it will look better, i must mention that if the diffuse map (meaning Body.vtf) was better the weapon would be better, well here's the code:

$phong 1

  $phongboost 1
  $phongalbedoboost 5
  $phongfresnelranges "[.4 .4 1]"
  $basemapalphaphongmask 1
  $baseAlphaEnvMapMask 1
  $envmap env_cubemap
  $envmapfresnel 1
  $envmapFresnelMinMaxExp "[0 2 .4]"
  $envmaptint "[.01 .01 .01]"
  $phongalbedotint 1
  $phongdisablehalflambert 1
Категория: Sig 550 для CSS
Дата: 28.03.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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