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B.A.K knife redux pack (15 anims)

B.A.K knife redux pack (15 anims), Knife для CSS, Модели Оружия для CSS, B.A.K knife redux pack, Нож для css,, модели оружия для css, скины css

Modern Warfare 2 - Knife
This is my MW2-like knife model on ZeeJs awesome Anims with also awesome textures by Boba Fett. Valve's Anims are also included.
It looks really cool on ZeeJs animations , so please try it in game before you rate. If you rate, please rate ZeeJs animations , not valves.
This knife is not supposed to look like the Blackhawk Tatarang. I made this using the MW2 throwing knife as a ref picture, so the handle isn't as detailed as the original one.
Syncing - Model/UV ZeeJ - Animations Valve - Animations Ruben - Compiling/World Model Boba Fett - Skinning, Normal & Mask mapping and Phong
Here's a video:

Категория: Knife для CSS
Дата: 20.01.2017
Добавил: Venus_7

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